Our Mission is to prepare all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners and socially responsible contributors to our global community.

Please be advised that the LLS PTA is a non-profit organization and is not required to pay sales tax. When purchasing goods, please bring the LLS Tax Exempt Form to merchants. Since LLS is a non-profit organization, we cannot reimburse you for any tax charged.

  1. Complete a reimbursement form within two weeks of event.
  2. Attach all receipts securely.
  3. Put completed form in an envelope clearly marked TREASURER in the PTA mailbox in the LLS front office.
  4. You will receive an email confirming reimbursement within a week.


  1. Deposit money immediately - do not hold onto money collected for more than 2 days.
  2. Complete a deposit form and make sure to list all checks separately with check number and name, use second page if necessary.
  3. Endorse each check on the reverse with our deposit stamp.
  4. A BANK deposit slip must be completed too. You will find this in your cashbox or in the treasurer's mailbox in the office.

PTA Reimbursement Form
PTA Deposit Form